Influential Designs

With these designs I used the images from my many designs I went through to get the results for the ‘Playable Gods/Goddesses’ that the players would be representing. The idea was to not waste the designs if those could be applied. If none worked then I would create alternatives again to ensure that each designs matched.

While doing them if the design didn’t give off a aura or show some form of trait that they would have or had been known for then it was something that I had to edit to ensure that this wasn’t the case and each piece fit.

The designs results are the following:

With these designs it was hard to ensure that only you can tell between male, female, and God/Goddess. The indicator for the human/Demi-God to God/Goddess is simply the colours and their clothing. There are only 3 within these, but they would have a tone that is basically Gold, unlike others who may have little accents, those are outcomes of a copper tone as Copper was another major mineral that was around the Greek empire.

The images colour information is shown in Notebook 5, pages 171 – 175.

With these designs it actually was harder than I realised, for the simple fact it isn’t the style that I’m used to doing on my day to day basis. This style was an outcome of cartoon visual research and testing that I had completed to try and get a visual style completed that wouldn’t take me as long as I would normally take with my normal style. This is because of time restrictions. It is sad to think that I would try and complete these images with less time, but I would always try to ensure that I am putting the same effort into the images that I would be with any of my normal art pieces.

The tests for these images and their style outcomes, the following pages in Notebook 5, pages 125 – 130.