These are an array of articles that I read through based on the selected subject of research. Connecting these articles to the 4 points of sub-research (Action, words, inherited, history) to help explain why I may of read them.

While going through them I didn’t completely take a lot of notes, if any. Mostly just had them aid on creating my mind maps for a bit more optional research and or understanding as to what I was actually coming conclusion wise.

*I would like to add that in a few of these I believe that they contain most likely nonsense but I may not be able to completely comment due to the fact, I am not a professional in all of these fields.

The articles I read are covering the following:

The press – Accept the fact that actions have consequences.

Wisdom parenting – All actions have consequences.

Love revolution – The consequences of our actions.

Seth Barnes – Facing the consequences of your actions.

Michael Hyatt – How our words impact others.

Entrepreneur – Your words have impact, so think before you speak.

A. Charles Catania – Antecedents and consequences of words.

B. F. Skinner – Verbal behaviour.

Big think, Orin Jones – Smoking gets worse: Genetic consequences are inherited by grandchildren.

Annual review of ecology and systematic – Incidence and consequences of inherited environmental effects.

Jordan Minor, PC Mag – The top 10 interactive games for story lovers.

Erika Lantz and Frannie Carrtoth – King world #48: The secret.




(Shown in notebook 1, pages 104 – 105)