Consequences picture

I planned out a small task to try out one of the 3 games of consequences, this was something I was hoping to do in a slighter larger scale but will settle for a simple group to try out what the results would be.

Collecting 2 second years (AJ and Bernardo) and one first year (Laura) we tried out the picture game.

Sticking to the idea of three points that was informed (Head, body and legs/feet) by the information site, the results had been completed by those three and myself. Rotating our passing clockwise and then signing the original to which we had started. I did this to allow for us each to have a character towards the end. Other rules that I put into play was an obvious one, to not draw anything rude or could offend someone. This was just a basic thing I wanted to put into play, though I could of left it out to see how many of us actually would of drawn something rude and or inappropriate.

(Images can be seen in Notebook 1, page 96)


If I wanted to take this further I had asked James S (tutor) if possible to take students from one of his lectures to go through this task with me. Completing a questionnaire also to follow with the task (It wasn’t created until after I had done the task due to the fact I rushed in due to being rather excited about doing something I hadn’t done since I was a child).

Questions I had written out for the questionnaire:

  • Did you understand the theme of the task?
  • Did you enjoy taking part in the task and its results?
  • What is your opinion on the subject of ‘consequences’?
  • Would you mind doing something like this again?
  • If you had this task assigned to you again, how do you think this could of been done differently?
  • Can you give an example of a form of consequences, this does not have to be personal to you (Optional)


Rules I in-turn created for if I do the task:

  • Each person in the group will have an alternative colour to the others.
  • Each person will have 40 seconds to complete image/drawing.
  • Pass image folded to the person on the left of you.
  • You aren’t allowed to peek at the other images, this included while drawing and folding.



(Shown in Notebook 1, from page 95 – 97)