Changing theme

So originally I had actually considered and thought that I would go with the theme of ‘Underworld’ but over time I realized that it would become overly personal and a bit more difficult, as I was planning on using creatures that my friend and I had designed over our younger years within the actual game. Then I realized the theme of ‘Greek mythology’ was something I could of considered, as I was looking up name ideas (shown in Notebook 2, pages 64 – 66) for the name of my actual game. As during phase one, I had completed a research branch on the Greek Gods as well as mythology, allowing some already completed work to not concern myself over as much as I would of done for the other theme.


This means that I can now look into weaving in my board game idea with the functioning theme of Greek mythology. I wouldn’t be short on resources, or things to use within the game as the Greeks have such a vast amount of tales told and large figures though-out its reign.

The point in which I actually decided to change my theme was in all honesty completely random (Shown in notebook 3, page 54), to help support my idea of change was to ask a series of different people their preference on theme; multiple age groups, genders and “gamer vs non-gamer”. Not wanting to over kill the actual number, I capped myself just shy of twenty (16), and the scores came out with Greek Gods on top.

With my theme now set in stone I can now move head first into my work.