With my marketing, the main point I am considering would be the stages in which I progress with this.

During my stage two of testing I am having the company CGC Winchester promote and allow the public to come forward and physically test my game, by doing this not only will I be able to get feedback from public that may or may not have an interest with my game but I can see if it hits the possible targets I am hoping for.

I have asked this company to look at and record the amount of educational games they sell, as well as the amount of board control games. It is down to the company if they are to complete this, as it obviously isn’t something they would profit from, so I am unable to be offended or upset if they don’t do it.

I have spoken to my tutor James and have now gained the connection with Chris Buckingham from the company Minivation who visits the university often to look at possible interests in jobs or do speak to other teams on tasks and projects. Thankfully he has said he is very much interested with investing time towards my game and would help with promotion and marketing. Despite this I still feel like I should be looking at the ways I can personally also help and achieve despite this.

I am looking to most likely create visual images that I can use to help show off on social media and to show to possible investors.

Another thing I am looking at would be that of getting into contact with local schools that are around this area of Winchester and speaking to their teachers of the study of History to ask if this would be something they would maybe consider doing to ensure a fun lesson teaching them about the theme of my game.

Schools I might try for within the Winchester Area:

And despite not being able to fully see about if they teach Greek mythology, I am interested in seeing if this school would be interested at all…:

If I was to refer to schools back within my local area:

(Reason for these three schools are because I feel like I would be more able to get in contact with them due to the fact I used to attend these schools and left with good connections within them. The reason for the one primary schools to be found out is because obviously the curriculum may of changed and I am either getting in contact with them (of course I will contact all) about their lesson systems and its alterations or I have someone else who either is a parent of an attendee or a staff member I still keep in contact with are finding out for me).


Currently with the notes that have actually already been confirmed, as well as asking around (For example seeing about any one else siblings in different educational stages covering Greek Mythology at any points that they recall and most either said no or certain areas said yes), it was dominantly from a age-group from year 4 in primary school to year 6. Meaning ages around 7 to 10/11. This may mean I might have to consider alternative visuals…

This is where I am currently standing at, other than obviously looking at online promotion such as ‘Kickstater’ or looking at simply contacting board-game cafés or shops to see what their interest rates are.