The way I am planning out this is in four stages (Shown in Notebook 4, pages 20 – 21), they being the following:

Stage one:

For this stage I will be going through and using the other students within the facility to endlessly test out as much of the mechanics and game play as possible in prep for the second stage. My reasoning for this is because I can have them critiqued to a semi-professional standard at this point and would have people most likely not judging for the state that some things may come in – or even be confused with the drastic changes between versions and game play outcomes. This is where I am hoping to have most of my testing actually done, despite the fact the second stage being most likely just as important. I will record the names of all that test my game for later reasons… Mechanics testing would be the main first stages of tests for this point, before fully going into the rules and play.

Photo samples (Also shown in the mechanics testing… (repeated images)):

Stage two:

It is open to the public. I have contacted the company CGC Winchester (Comics Games and Coffee Winchester), and have seen if they would be willing to host my game as a testing event, multiple if possible and if people enjoy it. While speaking to them they suggested the dates of Tuesdays and Saturdays. This brings in a different crowd each day, so depending on how this works out, depends on how well I can get my public results across. I am still in contact with the company and the discussions are still on going and will continue until I have completed stage two; only if they wish to continue being in contact with me in regards to the game itself then I will continue to keep in touch due to the profit of having a connection.

Stage three:

Despite the fact that at this point I will most likely have had a lot of people test my game by this point, and the fact ti went open to the public being nerve wrecking. This might just be the one I am most concerned about. Why? Because I will be taking it to a personal event back home in Chester and having hardcore board-game players play the game and rip it apart more than any of the others most likely would do. These events happen on the first Monday of each month meaning I can plan my ‘reserved’ around this knowledge. My brother and I would go to this event often when I was home and the people range from the age groups of 21 to 40+ (to my knowledge), so my brother will be the person who is going to reserve a table for my game and collect a series of players to ‘have at it’.

Stage four:

RE-VISIT. I want to bring the game back to those who helped at the first stage and have them play the hopefully final result and experience it, if I have gotten it to, all of its glory. As mentioned in the first stage, I would of recorded the names of each player that tester for me, and would offer them the change to play it completed. With these guys in mind I can ask them to write a miniature review on their opinions towards the progression of the game they had first experienced to the one they are experiencing at this point.