With my time-line, this is my explaining of how everything I will hopefully have organised out to ensure that I don’t overstep at any points.

By week I am aiming to work in the following method, this is taking in my mental health also, meaning I am assigning days where I can consider doing work and days I will try and avoid doing work at all to allow a period of rest.

  • Monday
    • Visuals, weekly assignments written up.
  • Tuesday
    • Preparation for the play-tests (During stage one). Marketing and written work.
  • Wednesday
    • Extra research. Reflective journal. Portfolio work. Job research.
  • Thursday
    • Play testing. Review all written notes and reflect. Prepare and organise for following weeks play-test (preassigned dates already confirmed with testers).
  • Friday
    • Visuals. Any extra visual works I hadn’t completed during earlier stages of the week that I had assigned myself to do. Written weekly review.
  • Saturday
    • Portfolio work. Any extra written work I hadn’t completed during the week that I had assigned myself to do.
  • Sunday
    • Rest day. Avoiding work to ensure I can rest.

If possible I will also be timing myself and making sure that I am not thinking that I am not putting the hours in that I may or may not of actually be doing. This also means that over time I can look and see when my work flow normally slows and use that as a daily cut off point to ensure I don’t overwork and again tire myself out. ‘Friday’ I will try and have a reflecting review of my work that tI have achieved over the week period.

Monthly/Term plan has been drawn out within my Notebook 4. This is a current (Only showing one of the two pages) example I have. It shows out the dates that I have major events on, dates that have passed (only up to the date in which I had scanned it), dates I have assigned tests that I know to my current knowledge (again, only up to date to the date in which I had scanned it), and any other needed/relevant information I may need to record. This is a simple form that can show to anyone external of my planning. Yet to be added are the stages of testing as the dates aren’t set in stone at this moment and the new recorded dates of test or any meetings I may attend or could of attended within the time between scan and present.


On the second page of this book I had produced a key to ensure that things would make more sense for someone else other than myself. Example: Brown are dates that are weekends.

All of this information will also be recorded in my personal diary in a more detailed list form, with check lists of daily tasks that I would assign myself each ‘Monday’.