I feel like this is where my troubles are going to lie, as this isn’t something I haven’t completely considered in such a detail that it is worth noting, but as it is something I need to begin doing. This is my outcomes, in mood-board forms and research:

Characters  .  Environment  .  Equipment  .  Style  .  Text

With each piece that I collect I realize the more work that is actually ahead of me when it comes to the visuals, so if I have to consider bringing in friends who are artists with the skills to match my own selected style (on which one I decide to work with while on this project), then that is something I will consider. Yet until then I will be challenging all of this by myself. – This has not changed, but I have confirmed who the artist who would be helping me if I so need them to, they have been informed of the situation that I am in and are also interested in the project.