With the characters I have gone through a series of stages towards my research on what I should be looking at. This is my list currently:

  • Artists – these are people who have influence in the images that I am interested in doing, or I feel that they bring something forward that I could aim to look into possibly considering in my own final visual production. (Shown in notebook 3, pages 56 – 58)
  • Appearance of the selected player able characters – going through the many versions and images of the playable characters I had selected in the end, I had to refine down the features that suited them best or had been most common within each design (Shown in notebook 4, pages 2 – 9). Depending on the things I took forward, I had to then glance over my colour theory notes that I had made before the term had first begun (Shown in notebook 3, page 1 – 2), or I had to try out visuals myself by having someone model for me.
    • Hairstyles – I had my classmate become my female head model for me as I wanted to try out some concepts to see if they would work. It was later noted that Romans had been the ones who ended up producing the statues with the hairs up on the Goddesses, so I was glad that I was looking at both forms of up and down (Shown in notebook 4, pages 14 – 15). I ended up looking at ways to frame the female Goddesses faces, braids in simply places where what I had considered. These are the results currently (Shown in notebook 4, pages 16 – 17):
    • Beards – As one of the most common things that appeared on the male God’s it was obviously going to be facial hair (if we don’t include their body mass…), so rather than getting images from the internet of actual beards, I called upon my many bearded friends and connections to send me a series of 3 perspective photos to allow me to draw and get an idea of how I want the Gods facial hair to come across (Shown in notebook 4, pages 30 – 31). These are the images I had presented to me:
    • Statues – As I am easing my job of how I want to show off the Gods and Goddesses to the players; statues are the most common way that we are seeing them to this date. Head statues are the ones that I have had an interest in, as it gets more across and I can remove the fact that it was often that they didn’t always cover up some body parts… (Shown in notebook4, pages 32 – 33)
    • Body shapes – I need to collect forms, and re kindle my talent for drawing naked people and a humans body to ensure that I am creating something that is to the best of my current ability. So I will begin to use the resources that my university have provided the students and attend the life drawing lessons that happen on the campus.