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Found on Google, looking through board-game search and fantasy search.

Edit 1.

As I have changed my theme, I have been looking at a different way to collect and form my board and environment across to the player without it become an overwhelming challenge of nonsense. As I am looking now at historical accuracy, I thought the most logical form would be to actually using a map of the area in which the Greeks controlled during their peak time line. My research has progressed towards using this style within some of the tests that I have done (test 2, notes shown in Notebook 4, pages 38 – 42). I will not discontinue to look at the past mood board samples of boards that I had collected in the original version (as shown in slideshow above), but I will continue to look through and see how they have been designed to ensure that I am using all aspects of design and research I have done to my fullest. Only once it has either fulfilled its job in aiding me or has become irrelevant then I will no longer look through it.