These are the forms of free text that I have looked into possible using for the text throughout the game development. Things that I have to consider can range from actually being able to read the text clearly but still give off a feeling of actually fitting the visual style. To get this I will look at a wide range, but I am limited as of the free ones which are available to me. With this in mind, I will remain to be harsh and picky as this is something that I believe should be comfortable for as many players as possible to read rather than just what I think may be pretty and works to continue to make my work ‘pretty’.

Names and hyperlinks to the actual text that I have viewed are the following (along side their actual creators names):

Weem  .  Gatis Vilaks

(Shown in Notebook 2, page 76)

Bosk  .  Boris Garic

(Shown in Notebook 2, page 77)

Avene  .  Krisjanis Mezulis

(Shown in Notebook 2, page 78)

Archives  .   Yanick Blancho

(Shown in Notebook 2, page 79)

Oko  .  Hugo Portinha

(Shown in Notebook 2, page 80)

Aires  .  Yai Salinas

(Shown in Notebook 2, page 81)

Figa  .  Pier Paolo

(Shown in Notebook 2, page 82)

Hetilica Bold  .  Diego Quintana

(Shown in Notebook 2, page 83)

Pasta Sampla  .  Béla Frank

(Shown in Notebook 2, page 84


If I have to consider it, I will looking into either the stereotypical Greek text form that you see commonly, or I will look into possibly creating my own with the influences from the traditional text-form.  This I believe would only be a last resort due to the difficulty and more work it would bring to an already increasing amount of work to detail that has appeared.