Visual Styles

With my visuals this I believe falls under the mainly pre-collected research that I wanted to collect to ensure that by the time I was going had first into the design aspect, that I wouldn’t hesitate as much as I am thinking I am most likely going to do. This is because I have looked into the art styles I’ve considered, or over the top things such as fabric folds for clothing etc. this may seem over the top but as right now I wanted to complete as much of the physical research as possible to ensure that later points of the projects (i.e.: term 2) I wont be held back by the lack of this.

Artists I have looked into (Shown in Notebook 3 Pages // – //):

Another artist who worked with this man above (Anton Fadeev), his name is Christophe Ha and sadly I wasn’t able to fully find any of his contact sites, but here are two examples of his work:


With fabric it made sense to get physical photos of the folds I may or may not want to consider, meaning I should look at increasing my life model references possibly to ensure that I can take the realistic versions and produce them into the style I am looking at using for the final pieces. Again Jade (sorry Jade) has been my physical model for just the simple things to help me increase the consistent realistic results – the style may not be realistic but I can make sure simple things like folds of clothing may come out as it.

(Shown in Notebook 4 pages // – //)