So as this falls under ‘Stage one’ within my testing line-up, I want to cover this now rather than later.

As I am going to be using students from my course to go through each of my work before it is actually open to the public, I am going to be testing out mechanics and over all progression of game-play.

As a sub-note I want to start involving social media more with my work and promote not only my progression and work outcomes/results but to see others reactions if they become interested… They will be shown most likely on both my Instagram account and my Twitter account – these can be found by the icon links at the bottom of each page.

These are my tests currently:

Test 1:


In my test one it was all based around the mechanics that surround the asset of ‘cards’, if I wasn’t able to get a functioning game with the cards I was producing then It wouldn’t of made sense progressing further with any more mechanics test and later stages due to the lacking of a functioning major point actually in the game itself. So I collected four testers at this time and asked them, without fully informing them of that it was fully a mechanics test, to play the card game I had created with paper, pens and my research information. It was a rules as you go along moment because I was learning as they played, which I am grateful for because at points it honestly made me consider things I hadn’t yet thought about. I hope this is something that I have happen with each test because I want this game to work.


I have recorded the names and quotes of opinions from each tester, and have also confirmed that most of them have an interest in continuing with being my testers for the whole of the stage one process.

Assets for test one:

  • Card playing pieces
  • Character names

Thankfully this test worked and I was able to progress with my second test…

Test 2:


With my second test I had finally involved a board, as well as simplified it as much as humanly possible for it to work. I also ensured that I had the maximum players of six for this test to ensure that I was going to visually see and experience the maximum capacity I am hoping to achieve for my game. This did mean I was the 6th player but I am glad for this as I was able to learn first hand a rough example of my own game-play. This time the second test had cards and the first draft of the coin/token system I am considering. These are the main two functions within the game as I am not looking to involve dice within my game at all.


I again have recorded the names and quote of opinions from each tester, this included those who had an interest on staying on from the first test.

Assets for test two:

  • Card playing pieces
  • Character names
  • Character coloured coins
  • Board piece

With this test I have again thankfully learned and progressed, meaning I can now alter and adjust the results to increase the game-play experience the players would have. I can look into achieving a higher standard with testing pieces and hopefully produce something that once again will help me get another step closer to going into stage two with confidence.

I am looking at preparing for my third test as soon as I have handed in as I want to ensure that I am keeping with my hopeful timeline that I have assigned myself.

I have contacted my testers and have assigned a time, date and place for these events to happen. I am aiming to keep this up consistently for the next 3 weeks to ensure that by the time the ‘Stage two’ point I am aiming for arrives, I wont be as nervous as I most likely should be.