Written Reviews

Before going through all the comments; I want to point out that this was intended as a holiday as well as a research trip, as working endlessly – both weekdays and weekends  – on the same project is bound to end with someones brain beginning to turn into mush without some detachment towards it. These reviews are basically blogs on my experiences of the sites we visited, be they relevant or if they simply were a historical area which I or those who went with me had interest in viewing in person.

Another point is that only one of the people present on this trip had been registered under the role of driver, so if the driver of the whole trip said some place was too far or wasn’t comfortable doing the journey to the places – then we had the obligation to listen and accept this. Seeing as no matter how many times we would go exploring, we always started in the middle of no-where, meaning it was 10 – 20 minutes to the nearest physical city down country roads. In some cases just as long to get to the motorway.

The first site was connected to the Goddess Aphrodite, this was a temple and was one of 2 (actually 3) sites that had been built with this specific Goddess in mind. In Cyprus she was one of the main God’s – this may because of the influence of her towards minerals and that her birth place is said to of been on the shores of this island.

Because this was the first site that we were visiting, this was also how we learnt that we were going to have to pay to actually enter the areas that we wanted to go to. The historical ones that is.

As well as on the journey towards this destination, we had been informed that we were going to be restricted to a large number of sites possibly simply because two people in the group were of a specific gender. A large number of historical sites and or any majorly influential sites were ‘men only’. Thankfully the ones in which we wanted to priorities out of the options I had considered were not of this nature.

The site itself was lovely, the views that surrounded it could take anyone’s breath away – and this was when it was run down and broken because of time. I can only imagine what it would be like when it was in its prime and cared for heavily as to not offend the Goddess of Love.

In the surrounding area the site was actually still expanding and we were able to witness people still uncovering parts of this temple. Each new area they actually uncovered the more they learnt and realized the vast size in which this one site stood as.

Second site was dedicated firstly to the God Apollo, at this point I realized that sadly I wasn’t going to be able to get much – if any – information towards the main 6 God’s and Goddesses that I was using as playable characters, but collecting information was going to be useful anyway.

With the sites I was visiting I was able to find more design patterns that I hadn’t within my online research and my book reviewing research. These are going to help bring forward possibly more solid design features towards some of the card pattern designs that I have been considering using.

This site was known as ‘Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates’, connecting two God’s together in one site, and having an expanding area in which is had under control of. The site we visited was more structurally put together still than the first; because of this we were able to see the water heating system in which they used, among other things.

While travelling towards this destination we stumbled upon a cliff area that shown such beautiful sites, we knew we were near simply because of this. Both the God’s that had stood upon this site had beauty running throughout their history. Apollo being the God of the Sun as well as considered the protector of this island, and Hylates, an God under Apollo, known as the Apollo of the woods.


This site had more in house related things and visually had less softer edges throughout its building layouts. Only specific areas had any form of round/dome like edges.

Unknown to me though, this site had a garden in place upon it. I am unsure as to if it was there at the beginning or if it had been put into place by the site carers.

The placement of this site was perfect in regards to Apollo, it had endless views across the land and unless you went near the cliff way you couldn’t see the sea, it had no hindrances when it came to the view of the sky and all its surroundings.

The third major site that we visited was actually one of the hardest to find, despite it being the closest to the area in which we were physically staying. It was still of course a road trip but it was in the middle of a growing city, hidden within homes and buildings that covered an array of purposes.

This was the only site to of said that students didn’t have to pay, which we would of loved to of known prior to all the other sites. I mean €2.50 isn’t a lot to pay by no means, but if you didn’t prepare or couldn’t really find any real major sites that would tell you if you had to pay entry or not. Then it is a bit of a sudden pull out your wallet surprise.

This site was the most run down, the most broken, that may be because of the complete use it had throughout time as well as the ranging in control throughout that area which effected the uses and structure of the buildings.

With that in mind, this actual temple site had at one point 5 temples within it. Only really the first remained in consistent use, others were either altered for different purposes or had been broken at some point or even was used as reserves encase something happened to the main temples.

Throughout the whole of this site ran a bold wall that was originally one of the main walls around the city, thus also being one of the main walls that stood in the temples structures.


The main God that was worshipped here was actually the Goddess Aphrodite, as the main mineral that was ran through this island was Copper – which they said fell under the Goddesses domain.

Unlike the other sites though, this site had the most information and was still actively seeking out more information in connection to its past.

BECAUSE, because there were so few sites we were able to go to due to either distance or because of my gender, we visited more open spaced sites to collect an array of natural colour pallets and environment influence to use when I do my final designs and creation.

A site we visited that isn’t connected to the Greek period, but near was that of the aqueducts that had ran through a city also, we managed to visit it and see its features.

These are but some of the photos of the different places we visited and took visuals from.