Symbols Concept

Playable Symbols:

Doing several pages worth of images to create a series of results for each of these things, it was difficult to select one that again wasn’t the complete perfect outcome. To ensure that it was not only simple but still informed the audience what it represented without text was the goal. So as suggested I selected 4 from each group and presented them without text to see what results I could collect of opinions. These are the things in which I selected to under-go this experiment.


These images again noted, are shown in Notebook 5, pages 150 – 160.

To help try and see if people would be able to understand what they actually are without any colour applied to them, I asked a series of people ranging in age and backgrounds what the first thing that came to mind when they seen the image shown to them, this information has been recorded and can be found in Notebook 5, pages 167 – 168.